LaShaunta Tatum

First Lady

First Lady LaShaunta Tatum was born and raised in Salemburg, N.C. to Pastor Michael McLamb and First Lady Zelda McLamb. She also has an older brother Michael McLamb Sr. to whom she loves dearly. First Lady is the offspring of a blessed seed; as her father and her mother raised her in a spiritual atmosphere. Their lifestyle, loyalty, and dedication to God is the reason why she is standing on the righteousness of God. First Lady has been married to Pastor Elliott Tatum for 17 years and they have two sweet children, Michael and Aylin Tatum. First Lady’s ministry was birthed in 2007 and from that moment it has been a great journey. As a result of obedience and sacrifice, miracles, signs, wonders, and healings are evident in her ministry.

She loves the ministry that has been placed on the inside of her and with that being said she don’t take her journey lightly. Currently God has called her into the realm of the prophetic where she doesn’t mind fighting and destroying the devil. She believes that God is doing a new and awesome work within the body of Christ and she is encouraged to continue in faith and trust Him with all of heart.